Wall pieces and vessels -  one-off and limited edition

My gallery work consists of one off pieces both large and small and also pieces that I repeat. Burrs both Elm & Oak have always been  favourites of mine, but alas the Elm Burrs are getting rarer to find.  Staining, ebonising, texturing and the addition of metal all play a large part in my work. I am constantly playing and experimenting with textures and finishes to achieve the effect that I want.

In all my wall pieces and vessels I am striving for a sense of antiquity, ceremony, mystery, an atmosphere evocative of ancient times. Creating a sense that these vessels that I make belong in a more noble past and may have had a higher ceremonial purpose that has been lost or forgotten across the ages.

A part of me also wishes to pay homage to our majestic trees who hold knowledge and wisdom beyond our knowing. Each vessel that I turn gives these windfallen trees, which come from the hedgerows of Ireland a life other than that of firewood.

One of the biggest compliments I ever got was from a lady who came into Whichcraft/Designyard Gallery, when it was located in Cows Lane in Dublin and assumed that my vessels, which were on display, were on loan from the Museum and was shocked to hear that they had just been made recently. To my mind this lady really 'got' what I was trying to achieve and I really appreciated her comments.

These vessels vary greatly in size from about 6" in diameter to over 30" and vary in price from about E95 upwards.